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lightmy_muse's Journal

Rachey: FanFics and Icons
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Before beginning, let me remind you all that this is not a blog. This is not the place to be if you are looking for meme's or my personal life story... to find that (and other pointless lj posts) please go to my main lj account: racheylish. Thank you.

Now lets start...

- - -


I, Rachey, am not making any profit from writing these stories (besides the gratitude that reading reviews gives me occasionally). The characters that are known from their various places do not belong to me in any way, shape or form. I only take the creative liberity I've been allowed to have to twist the stories, their characters and their lives to my own will. I am not a famous writer, just a young woman with a hobby. If I did own any of these things though - why would I be wasting my time with writing them then posting them upon a FanFic lj? I would make them all official.


Following up on the Disclaimer... any characters you do not recongize from the respective series do belong to me. If you wish to steal my villians (for the most part) or other characters you must have my permission and only mine. I have supplied contact information in my profile so that you can get in touch. These stories and plot lines are also mine. I work hard on my work, as does any author or novelist-wanna-be... and I will not tolerate anyone stealing my works. I will find out and I will enforce damage with a spatula as well as enlisting my personal army of fierce teddy bears, my mooing demon llama and the help of my family in bringing down anyone who steals my stories. Trust me people, it is not a pretty sight when I have to resort to such measures and so for your own sanity and the sake of my time... just leave them where they are and we won't have a problem. Right? Right! ;)

On that note, in this lj you will not only find fan fics but original stories. These are my creation alone - story wise, plot wise, character, etc. If you wish to borrow them you must ask permission first.

As well, any and all icons you see posted in this journal were made by myself, do not claim them as your own artwork please and thank you. That is all.

- - -

Friend this journal if you wish for updates on stories or iconage. It is open to the public because I am an open-minded person, I do not mind sharing my works with everyone so please be considerate and do not abuse this privledge I would hate to have to make this Friends Only. ^_^

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