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Fic: Modesty [Yuffentine]

Title: Modesty
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Vincent/Yuffie
Rating: PG
Prompt: Waterfall
Disclaimer: Last I checked, I wasn't Tetsuya Nomura, and I didn't work for Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII and all associated places and characters are not mine. But I do borrow them from time to time for things such as this. So sue me. (Not really, I'm penniless! T_T)
Authors Note: By request of the_beccaroo. In regard to the drabble meme. Found here. Place you're request there.

Subtly was not a word in Yuffie's vocabulary.

Neither was modesty, apparently.

She'd spent the entire time teasing Vincent, and as soon as they found the little clearing with a lake and magnificant waterfall, she was stripped down and in the water, giving little warning to Vincent.

"Yuffie," he started, but the ninja only rolled her eyes at his tones and swam backwards, displaying her chest to the open sky and even though he did look away, it took a moment longer than was polite.

"Vincent, I could get hypothermia if I bathed with my smelly clothes on." She states so matter-of-factly. And it's true enough. "And I'm not waiting another second to get this grime off of me. You shouldn't either." She called out.

Though he made no move to strip down.

"I will after you're finished."

"Saves time if we bathe together." She argued.

He made no movement to follow through with what she spoke of though, knowing exactly the kind of mood she was in. However, if there was one thing Yuffie didn't do, it was give in easily. She liked the challenge and she took a deep breathe as she moved closer and closer to the cascade of the the waterfall, before she let herself sink underneath the waters surface and stayed under.

And as strong arms, one human and one cold and metallic wrapped around her waist, she twisted in his grip smiling knowingly. The moment they both broke the water she pushed long strands of ebony from his eyes, wrapped herself around him and kissed him softly at first, letting him deepen the kiss.

"Glad you could join me." She smiled, before she slapped the water, splashing him.
Tags: challenge: drabble meme, character: vincent valentine, character: yuffie kisaragi, fandom: ff, fandom: ffvii, rating: pg, ship: yuffentine, title: modesty, work: fic
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