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28 February 2008 @ 03:28 am
Fic: Injuries and Promises, for 30kisses [Yuffentine]  
Title: Injuries and Promises
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Theme: 24 - Good Night
Rating: PG-13 (Sexual content and language)
Characters: Yuffie Kisaragi & Vincent Valentine
Pairing: Yuffentine [Yuffie x Vincent]
Word Count:1547
Summary: Yuffie is injured in battle. Vincent shows up to take care of her.
Disclaimer: I am still me. Tetsuya Nomura is still himself. And I still don't own any rights to any of the Final Fantasy games, let alone the masterpiece that is FFVII. Therefore, this is still just fanfiction and not cannon (though if you want to count it as cannon, then by all means I won't stop you!)
Warning: This chapter does have reference to sex. Nothing too graphic, but there is a bit of sexual content. If you're not into reading that sort of thing, then I suggest you skip this installment. You've been warned, so no complaints.
Authors Note: Hey again. Would you believe I started this with the thought of a quick little drabble? You know, like one or two paragraphs. And then I started to scribble it down at work today and well... it grew into this? Perhaps I can keep up with a fast-paced posting, writing like this. Perhaps not. Right now the muses are behaving quite well. Hope you all enjoy.

Oh. I also wanted to make a note, I'll be at Anime North (Toronto) and Anime Central (Chicago) this year. If your there and you see someone running around by the name of Rachey (most likely in a Urahara (from Bleach) cosplay) then don't be shy to say hello. I'm pondering submitting one of these one-shots for the FanFic contest at AN too. Maybe. Or maybe I'll try and write something completely different. Anyways, no further delays, one with the next theme. :D Enjoy! And as always, don't forget that Feedback/Reviews = LOVE!


Yuffie Kisaragi had had a bad day. Her shoulder was in agony and her ankle was swollen and sprained. To make everything worse then it had been, she hadn’t even won the fight! No, instead she had to rely on Vincent to come to her rescue from a bunch of ruffians! She was Yuffie Kisaragi, damnit! The greatest ninja in all of Wutai! One of the saviors of the world! And she couldn’t fend off three small time idiots without the aid of the crimson clad gunslinger.

She let out a sigh of frustration, just remembering everything that had happened was getting her angry again, and sunk further into the hot water of the bath. Thankfully, the hot water did make the aches and pains of her abused muscles relax, and she could almost forget the stinging of her shoulder, or the fact that her ankle looked like a frigging pumpkin, the way it was swollen. Almost. But she had promised herself, after the day she’d had, that she would not spend time in her relaxing bath dwelling on what had happened. No, tonight – she was going to draw out her bath as long as possible, then head straight to bed. Tomorrow she would wake up and find that this was either all just a bad dream or she’d kick someone’s ass – sprained ankle or not.

However, half an hour later, once her skin felt like it was as wrinkled as it would get from soaking too long and the water had cooled considerably. She exited the hotel bathroom, to find none other than Vincent Valentine sitting on the chair, watching her with nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. She had a pretty good idea too on why he would have stopped by her room, and she was not looking forwards to it at all.

“Pervert, haven’t you heard of knocking first?” Yuffie exclaimed, hoping he wouldn’t push the issue. Today had been bad enough, she didn’t need any arguments at the moment and her mood was far too homicidal to deal with it.

He did not meet her annoyed glare however, as he looked at the swollen ankle and studied the severity of her limp with a frown hidden behind his cloak. The bruise on her right shoulder too looked worse than she had let it on to be earlier that day. Though he had suspected by how quickly she had made an escape that she was trying to hide exactly how bad her injuries actually had been. Seeing her now, with only half her body covered in the white towel, his suspicions were confirmed.

“Yuffie,” he began.

Good ol’ Valentine, never one to beat around the bush. Yuffie thought, half amused and annoyed by the seriousness in his tone. She knew he wanted to touch upon the subject, and the tone in his voice mixed by the look in his eyes only served to confirm her suspicions. Sorry Vince. She inwardly apologized to the man, though she didn’t feel any guilt or remorse at all for cutting him off as she spoke. “Can’t this wait? I’m kind of in a towel here.” She pointed out the obvious. He may not be in the mood to play games, but he had some patience in him yet, that much she knew.

“I’ve seen you in less than that.” He reminded the lithe ninja of some of their other encounters. The reminder painted a blush across her cheeks and left her speechless, her mouth opened and closed a few times in an attempt to make some sort of retort, but no sound came out. He was already on his way across the room to her before she finally regained her composure, her shocked expression becoming an amused – and slightly teasing – smirk.

“You really are a pervert, you know.”

However the light touch to her shoulder stopped any other words she had to say, as a hiss of pain escaped and she spun around, aiming to send a good punch to his cheek. Instead, her wrist was easily caught with his golden claw and she could only glare up at him.

“Yuffie, your injuries need to be properly checked.”

“I can tell you know how it is.” She replied, trying to avoid having her injuries poked and prodded at by anyone. Let alone while she wore nothing but a towel. “They hurt like hell; I’ll survive with a minimum amount of complaining if you leave me alone.” Vincent was ruining her plans for simply slipping into bed and sleeping the night away.


“You could have broken something.” Vincent pointed out, once again reminding her of the obvious information that she was neglecting to acknowledge. Injuries like this weren’t something to be taken lightly.

“I’m fine Vinnie!”


He really isn’t taking no for an answer, is he?

Left with no other option, Yuffie caved, sitting down on the edge of the bed while she felt Vincent’s weight settle behind her. His touch was as gentle as possible, she noted, as his fingers barely grazed the skin around the bruised and sweltering skin of her shoulder. There was a light tugging at the towel, wrapped around her body for protection, and she felt it slipping further as she went to secure it in place. “Vinnie!” She warned.

“I need to see the bruise.” He informed, tugging harder at the material. She could feel his gaze locked firmly on the marred skin of her back and shoulder. Yet it didn’t help her feel any better about this whole situation. In fact, she felt even more self-conscious because he was being so very professional about this, as he examined the nasty gash that she hadn’t had a chance to wrap up yet, just one of the gifts that those idiots had left. The injuries – whether it was the dark purple skin of her bruised shoulder, or the large gash that she had mostly ignored till now – that covered her back made her uncomfortable. Of course, they weren’t pretty to look at, but that wasn’t why.

It was because Yuffie shouldn’t have had trouble with those guys. She was stronger then they were, and more skilled. However, they had fought dirty, always attacking from the side or behind her, always distracting her with one while the others got the jump. She had held her own just fine until she twisted her ankle in an attempt to dodge and then… and then they took advantage of the distraction and hadn’t given her the chance to recover herself.

She hissed in pain at the unexpected pressure to her shoulder blade. She felt Vincent’s touch lighten, though it was still present. “I am sorry, Yuffie.” At least he actually did sound regretful for having to put her through this, but she understood, he had to feel to be sure the bone wasn’t injured as well as checking for the severity of the injury. Something like internal bleeding was also a risk that she could only hope against.

Yuffie wasn’t a little girl anymore. “It’s okay. Just don’t take too long.” She bit her bottom lip, as he went back to applying more pressure. It hurt. It really, really did. But Yuffie Kisaragi wouldn’t be able to call herself a ninja if she couldn’t deal with pain (although she did hope to avoid it whenever possible like any sane person would). She instead tried to focus her thoughts somewhere away from the pain in her shoulder.

A task that was made easier once she felt hot breath at the back of her neck, running across the skin and ticking the hairs at the base of her neck. Despite his hand still exploring the overly sensitive skin, his golden claw had wrapped around her torso, pulling her close to him as her breath caught in her throat and her heart skipped a beat. “I’ll make it up to you.” The low note in his voice sent a shiver of delight racing down Yuffie’s spine, as his lips barely touched upon her bruised shoulder. “It’s a promise.”

In the next second, Vincent’s claw had unwound itself from her waist, and the sudden closeness of his body was gone. Yuffie felt herself aching for that closeness again, and grinned, despite the pain in her back as he did what he had come to do. In fact, her entire outlook had changed. She wanted nothing more than for Vincent to finish the task he was doing, while she went about changing her plans for the night to something a little more enjoyable than sleep.

She wanted to feel that heated closeness again, as they would kiss in heated passion. Simply waiting while he worked made her even more anxious as she could feel the excitement his promise had left growing in the deep pit of her stomach. Her womanhood called out, in a comfortable aching way, as she could only bide the time until she could feel him inside of her once again.

Yes, tonight was going to be a good night indeed.

“Ouch! Be careful, will ya?” She yelped, jumping at as Vincent found another overly sensitive bruise. At least, it would be a good night once he finished poking and prodding her goddamned bruises.
linggy: Vincent Valentinekazura_uyurin on February 28th, 2008 10:35 am (UTC)
Ooh lovely! I really enjoyed it! :D Vincent's so sweet, and Yuffie isn't really all that pissed off at him as she seems to want to be, ne? ^.^
-|| Hamano Ayumi ||-: Chocobo Whispererhamano_ayumi on February 28th, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
<33333 *loves Yuffentine hurt!fics~~~*
stallis_33stallis_33 on February 28th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
When does one find the time to actually write this shit??!?!
Rachey: FanFics and Icons: {ichi} in the shadow of the daylightmy_muse on February 28th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
Around the same time people like you find the time to read it, and then make pointless comments I would imagine.

In the future, I would ask to kindly remember that some people actually do put some thought into their various fandoms. If you don't like it, that's fine. I understand everyone has different opinions. However, if you wish to make a comment like you just did, by referring to it as "shit" I would ask for you to be constructive about it. I'm all for feedback on what people thought could have been done better, so yes... by all means supply me with what it is you did or didn't like.

Or perhaps your one of those two-dimensional type of people that simply didn't like it because it's not your ship or even your fandom. If that's the case, then take your comments somewhere else.

With that said and done, thank you for reading my fic. If you do choose to come back in the future, then by all means keep in mind consideration of others.
stallis_33stallis_33 on February 29th, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
I agree i was somewhat off-key, however im not 2-dimensional, i just would like to know how people get enjoyment or imagine video-game characters feelin' eachother up and stuff. I just never got the impression by playing any of the games that vincent and yuffie even liked eachother that way at all. The whole "relationship" thing just seems like a fantasy wrote by someone who has nothing else to do but write about someone else's characters getting it on because thier life isnt fulfilling enough.
Rachey: FanFics and Icons: {yxv} i'll wait here for youlightmy_muse on February 29th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
In that case, thank you for coming back and explaining the reasoning. I actually wasn't much of someone who liked this pairing originally, until I read an excellent fanfic that sparked something. And playing DoC showed more interaction between them that had that spark grow further.

As for the "feeling each other up", well I'm not a big writer of sex or smut peices. I make reference to them occassionally, and as this is a challenge peice for 30kisses it has to have some sort of kiss in it. Most of the fic was about Yuffie being injured actually. However, I just felt it appropriate to leave it off on a lighter note, especially when taking the specific challenge them (good night) into consideration.

Since you did come back to explain and leave a more constructive opinion, I'll thank you for it and will apologize for my earlier harshness. I realize I can come off as quite a bitch at times. I'm just not a huge fan (as you can imagine) of people making judgements with no merit or reasoning behind them.
stallis_33stallis_33 on February 29th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
I'm actually really sorry about being so harsh. Even though i'm not a fan of that type of deal, i'll admit your description/writing was good. And you were just defending yourself and your work. Now that i think about it, i was a real dick, and i'm sorry. You can write about whatever it is that makes you happy, even if it happens to be hardcore, unruly, nasty smut, you still have the right to write about it. And if you'd like, maybe we can become friends. And i'm really sorry if i hurt your feelings at all.
Rachey: POTC // run jackracheylish on March 1st, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
You know, I'm not going to deny that it was rude and a little uncalled for in the start, but your entitled to your own opinions. ^__^ So apology is accepted and more than appreciated.

I'm defensive and harsh (and tend to be brutally honest) but my feelings weren't hurt. I've had worse replies in the past!

I wouldn't mind friending you either. I'll use this screen name though since lightmy_muse is a fic/icon journal.
stallis_33stallis_33 on March 1st, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks, sorry again.
(Anonymous) on April 16th, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
If you don't like it, don't read it mate. Standard nettiquette.
stallis_33stallis_33 on April 22nd, 2008 08:52 pm (UTC)
Re: -_-
Yeah, i know, i've already talked to the person and apologized.
(Anonymous) on May 12th, 2008 08:03 am (UTC)
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If you can't learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly.

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